First Period Kit

Mix of period products

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Every girl deserves to feel prepared for her first period. From our keepsake box filled with first period products made with 100% organic cotton to our free, downloadable e-book, LOLA’s personal, honest, real-life guide to your first period, we’ve got her covered.

  • What’s in the kit
    • 6 day pads for medium to heavy days
      night pads for overnight coverage
      10 liners for light days or backup
      10 light tampons for slim-fit protection
      Instructional card for each period product
      1 canvas pouch for on-the-go moments
      1 sheet of stickers for period tracking
      1 keepsake box for at-home storage
      $5 LOLA credit towards a new subscription
  • What’s in the guide
    • We partnered with leading pediatrician Dr. Lisa Stern to co-author a free, downloadable guide that covers everything a girl needs to know about her first period. It’s full of honest, straightforward information, and features a Q&A addressing top questions collected from girls and their parents.
  • Cotton
  • ICEA Certified
  • LDPE 4
  • PP 5
  • Certified Organic by ICEA GOTS 2016-027

#TryLOLA testimonials

  • Hillary Menlo Park, CA

    45 years old Customer since Sep 2017

    I was really excited to receive the First Period Kit for my daughter.

    It made her feel proud and ready and confident for when the time comes that she needs it. Bravo.

  • Nancy Ojai, CA

    Customer since Apr 2018

    Truly we were so excited by LOLA…

    and I love that I can get for my daughter something that is so wholesome, materially safe, and doing good in the world. It is inspiring…the First Period Kit feels like a quiet celebration. You can count on us for being customers! I will be sharing the idea with friends. I was the mom who other girls, and my daughter, talked to about being afraid that their period would start at school…LOLA seems like my blessing for having done a tiny good deed for girlhood.

  • Arleny Reading, PA

    26 years old Customer since Feb 2018

    The service was great.

    The products are amazing and I love the packaging! I got the First Period Kit for my niece and she loved it!

  • Sarah

    We are both so happy with the LOLA First Period Kit.

    There are tiny little tricks in the information cards that most moms don’t think of! Thank you so much for this remarkable, all natural product and the very lovely and witty packaging that it comes in.

  • Allison McKinney, TX

    37 years old Customer since Aug 2017

    Also uses: Non-applicator tampons

    The packaging, delivery, and product is excellent.

    I especially was impressed with the First Period Kit. As my daughter gets older, I want to be prepared for her, and I loved the beautiful box and care that was put into creating it. I feel it is a sacred honor to be a woman, and LOLA seems to be a brand that actually feels the same. There is an understated elegance to what I’ve seen so far from LOLA, and it’s quite refreshing.

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Tiger Beat

“The kit is designed to make you feel prepared for your first period and educated about the changes your body will go through. How cool?”


“Lola recognized this significant step in a woman’s health, and in an effort to make it a little easier, launched the ultimate period introduction kit.”


“A product like this can empower future generations to feel more prepared and help end the stigma of menstruation.”

A Cup of Jo

“What I would have given to have had LOLA as a teenager!”