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  • LOLA Pouch

    $9 /toiletry bag

    LOLA Pouch

    Great for travel or everyday use.
  • Hand Sanitizer Spray

    Starting at   $10 /pack of 4 bottles (2 fl oz each)

    Hand Sanitizer Spray

    Designed to disinfect and hydrate skin
    Starting at   $10
  • Flow Water Bottle

    $24 /18.5 oz glass bottle

    Flow Water Bottle

    Our desk-friendly glass water bottle
  • Happy Cramper Beanie

    $25 /beanie hat

    Happy Cramper Beanie

    Soft and stretchy for everyday wear
  • Time of Month Notebook

    $12 /lined notebook

    Time of Month Notebook

    Perfect for to-do lists, cycle tracking, and journal entries
  • Party Pin

    $5 /enamel pin

    Party Pin

    Great for travel or everyday use.
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    Cardboard Applicator Tampons

    Menstrual Cup

    Non-applicator Tampons