Cardboard applicator tampons

18 count

100% organic cotton tampons in flushable cardboard applicators that feature a smooth, curved tip for comfortable insertion. Choose from regular and super absorbencies. Customize your box with a unique assortment to fit your needs.

  • Features
    • Superior leak protection
      Flushable cardboard applicator
      Smooth, curved tip for comfortable, easy insertion
  • How subscriptions work
    • Choose your quantity and frequency, then click “add to cart”
      Add more items or check out. Voilà — you’re set!
      Don’t worry. We’ll remind you before your next order ships
  • Ingredients
    • Tampon: 100% organic cotton
      Applicator: Cardboard
  • Free of
    • Synthetic fibers
      Chemical additives
      Chlorine bleach
  • Cotton
  • ICEA Certified
  • PAP 21
  • Certified Organic by ICEA GOTS 2016-027
  • FDA 510(k) cleared

#TryLOLA testimonials

  • Kaitlyn

    34 years old Customer since Feb 2018

    Also uses: Ultra thin liners

    Knowing that these tampons are 100% cotton puts my mind at ease.

    They work great without any leakage. Also, who can beat free shipping directly to your house!

  • Naomi Sacramento, CA

    30 years old Customer since Jan 2018

    Also uses: Ultra thin liners

    Love organic cotton, plus the cardboard applicator option is awesome…

    as I try to use plastic as minimally as possible. Other natural tampons with cardboard applicators just don’t work very well, but yours is great! Thank you for making a product that is not only great for us, but good for the planet as well :)

  • Kristina Bentonville, AR

    36 years old Customer since Dec 2017

    Also uses: Ultra thin pads

    I loved the products I’ve tried so far…

    (cardboard super tampons and day and night pads). They are very comfortable. The pads are much softer and feel less like you’re wearing a diaper. And I’m pleased with the prices and the never having to think about if I’m going to have what I need when I need it because you send it to me!

  • Erin Los Angeles, CA

    30 years old Customer since Mar 2018

    Amazing value proposition:

  • Brooke Raleigh, NC

    25 years old Customer since Dec 2017

    I love that they are natural!

    Even tried the cardboard applicators and they are nice and well designed as opposed to other brands where I can’t even use their cardboard applicators.

  • Michelle New York, NY

    30 years old Customer since Feb 2018

    Also uses: Ultra thin liners

    I ordered the super absorbency cardboard applicator tampon, and have never been more pleased with a feminine product.

    I’ve had issues with regular brands where the product would break apart inside and the product would smell chemically even when fragrance-free. So far, LOLA has held up and feels close to natural. I don’t believe I’ll ever go back to the other stuff.

  • Violet

    29 years old Customer since Feb 2018

    I could tell that they were high quality after the first tampon.

    The fact that they are made from organic cotton and I’m not putting synthetics or residual pesticides into my body is very important to me. Thank you LOLA for making tampons with 100% organic cotton affordable and accessible.

  • Emily Richmond, VA

    41 years old Customer since Nov 2016

    Also uses: Ultra thin pads

    I don’t ever run out…

    the products are environmentally responsible, and I like that it’s a female owned and run business. I like the business model and the products, and I LOVE not having to buy tampons from a skeevy teenage boy at Walgreens.

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“Suddenly, periods weren’t to be hidden, but celebrated.”


“LOLA guessed correctly that women want more transparent and safe options from modern brands.”


“The feminine hygiene space has always been a bit taboo, especially in mainstream media, but LOLA, the tampon subscription service, changed that.”


“You choose the breadth of your flow, how many boxes you want, and when you want them to ship, and poof! They deliver toxin-free tampons to your doorstep. It’s that easy.”