Ultra thin pads w/ wings

12 count

Softer-than-soft, breathable cotton pairs with flexible wings for reliable coverage, day and night. Leaks don't stand a chance.

  • Features
    • Locks in wetness
      Absorbent, yet breathable
      Comfortable and discreet
      Thin wings wrap for a secure fit
  • How subscriptions work
    • Choose a quantity of boxes, then set a delivery frequency. We'll ship to you every 4 or 8 weeks. Don't worry, we'll remind you to make any edits to your order before your next shipment. It's easy to skip, modify, or cancel at any time.
  • Ingredients
    • Topsheet and core: 100% organic cotton
      Waterproof backing: Plant-based with non-toxic adhesive
  • Free of
    • Synthetic fibers
      Chlorine bleach
  • Cotton
  • ICEA Certified
  • Certified Organic by ICEA GOTS 2016-027

#TryLOLA testimonials

  • Jen Ypsilanti, MI

    38 years old Customer since Jan 2017

    I have loved using LOLA pads so much.

    My five daughters and I are benefiting from our monthly deliveries of pads!! When you have this many women in a house you truly appreciate a bunch of beautiful, cottony-soft, chemical-free pads!!

  • Jessica Milton, DE

    42 years old Customer since Jan 2018

    Also uses: Ultra thin pads

    My daughter and I love the coverage these pads give.

    My daughter is young and has a heavy period. She doesn’t leak with these pads whereas she has with other brands. They are comfortable and don’t irritate as much as regular pads. I’m happy to not have all the chemicals.

  • Caroline

    Best pads ever.

    Wear them every day—thin pads and they absorb great, comfy, I trust they are natural and can’t tell they are there. Changed my life!

  • Ashley Bronx, NY

    23 years old Customer since Jan 2018

    To be honest, I am really content with my pads, liners, and tampons.

    They last me every two months and I feel comfortable paying every penny for them because they’re super absorbent. Thank you for telling us what’s in our pads and tampons!

  • Elaine Worcester, MA

    52 years old Customer since Jan 2017

    Great, comfortable pads…

    and super convenient with a subscription program.

  • Heather Nashville, TN

    28 years old Customer since Nov 2017

    I must say, I was skeptical.

    Will it leak? How well will it fit? Will there be plenty of coverage? Is it gonna be like wearing a towel up against my lady parts? All the regular questions when a lady decides on which pad to buy, right? I am beyond pleased to say the least. I went Christmas shopping with 2 kids in tow today in the mad house known as Nashville, and I didn’t even remember I had it on. Very comfortable, great fit and ZERO leakage. Y’all, keep doing what you’re doing! You have earned a customer for life.

  • Erica Chula Vista, CA

    Customer since Feb 2018

    Your pads are very comfortable…

    and I had not one leak. Very impressive.

  • Suma San Ramon, CA

    41 years old Customer since Feb 2018

    I love the idea of no chemicals in personal hygiene products!!

    Used LOLA for the first time this month and it is just as effective as a regular pad by any other company. So why would I use other brands when I can use chemical free pads! Already recommended to friends.

  • Emily Richmond, VA

    41 years old Customer since Nov 2016

    Also uses: Cardboard applicator tampons

    I don’t ever run out…

    the products are environmentally responsible, and I like that it

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“There are few ideas that sound more comforting to us during that time of month than having all of our necessities delivered to our front door.”


“Whether you’re getting behind pads or sticking with your tampons (or a mixture of both), it does seem the pad movement has some wings.”


“LOLA guessed correctly that women want more transparent and safe options from modern brands.”


“A product like this can empower future generations to feel more prepared and help end the stigma of menstruation.”