Ultra thin liners

28 count

Liners made with 100% organic cotton. Whether you’re expecting your period or just having a lighter day, our naturally soft liners offer discreet leak protection with superior breathability.

  • Features
    • Absorbent, yet breathable
      Naturally soft for sensitive skin
      Ultra-thin for discreet protection
      Edge-to-edge adhesive for a secure fit
  • How subscriptions work
    • Choose your quantity and frequency, then click “add to cart”
      Add more items or check out. Voilà — you’re set!
      Don’t worry. We’ll remind you before your next order ships
  • Ingredients
    • Topsheet and core: 100% organic cotton
      Waterproof backing: Plant-based with non-toxic adhesive
  • Free of
    • Synthetic fibers
      Chlorine bleach
  • Cotton
  • ICEA Certified
  • Certified Organic by ICEA GOTS 2016-027

#TryLOLA testimonials

  • Kate Scottsdale, AZ

    40 years old Customer since Sep 2017

    Also uses: Cardboard applicator tampons

    How did I ever live before your products?!

    They are easy, well designed, do what they are supposed to do and I know I can trust the manufacturing process. I was surprised to realize that my body could not breathe before using the LOLA line. It’s a total WIN. #Lola4Life!

  • Alison Arlington, VA

    27 years old Customer since Mar 2018

    Also uses: Ultra thin pads

    Excellent products!

    Very very happy with the tampons, panty liners, and pads. Would 100% recommend!

  • Brandy Sacramento, CA

    39 years old Customer since Apr 2017

    Also uses: Ultra thin pads

    Excellent absorbency.

    I use the pads and liners, and I always feel dry now!

  • Sarah Millinocket, ME

    31 years old Customer since Mar 2018

    Maybe TMI, but it’s worthy of sharing.

    Namebrand light day liners would always irritate me and I am so thrilled to have found and say that LOLA liners do not! Customer for life.

  • Jessica Pittsburg, PA

    24 years old Customer since Nov 2017

    Also uses: Compact applicator tampons

    The panty liners are comfortable, soft, secure…

    and come in cute packaging! The tampons are compact and work well.

  • Marina Brentwood, NY

    43 years old Customer since Aug 2017

    Also uses: Compact applicator tampons

    The liners are a great quality and do not leak.

  • Brittany Boise, ID

    24 years old Customer since Dec 2016

    Also uses: Compact applicator tampons

    I love the new pads and liners.

    That is was brought me back to LOLA. I also love them being delivered to my front door!

  • Stephanie Fleming Island, FL

    32 years old Customer since Nov 2016

    Also uses: Compact applicator tampons

    It’s delivered right to my door…

    and I can skip a delivery if I don’t need it! And now they have liners too! It’s a one stop shop!

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Hello Giggles

“There are few ideas that sound more comforting to us during that time of month than having all of our necessities delivered to our front door.”


“Whether you’re getting behind pads or sticking with your tampons (or a mixture of both), it does seem the pad movement has some wings.”


“LOLA guessed correctly that women want more transparent and safe options from modern brands.”


“A product like this can empower future generations to feel more prepared and help end the stigma of menstruation.”