New Products

  • Heating Patch

    Starting at   $11 /pack of 3 patches

    Heating Patch

    3-pack of heating patches for menstrual cramp relief
    Starting at   $11
  • Menstrual Cup

    $34 /reusable cup + case

    Menstrual Cup

    A more sustainable solution for periods
  • Cleansing Wipes Pouch

    Starting at   $9 /1 pouch of 32 wipes

    Cleansing Wipes Pouch

    In need of a refresh? Try our super soft cleansing wipes.
    Starting at   $9
  • Mini Vibrator

    $40 /personal massager

    Mini Vibrator

    Take pleasure into your own hands.
  • Vaginal Wash

    Starting at   $9 /6.7 fl oz • 200 mL

    Vaginal Wash

    Gentle and pH-balanced for daily use
    Starting at   $9
  • Vaginal Itch Relief Wipes

    Starting at   $9 /1 pouch of 28 wipes

    Vaginal Itch Relief Wipes

    Designed for powerful itch relief.
    Starting at   $9
  • Enter code EARTHDAY21 at checkout to get 15% off the following products for Earth Day:

    Cardboard Applicator Tampons

    Menstrual Cup

    Non-applicator Tampons