Make an impact with LOLA

When you choose LOLA, you’re making a lasting impact on women’s reproductive health. We partner with leading nonprofits, donate millions of period products, and spark meaningful conversations.



In 2019, we joined forces with law and policy organization Period Equity in the fight to end the discriminatory tampon tax, once and for all.



We partner with 501(c)(3) nonprofit I Support the Girls to supply LOLA to women in need. We’ve donated more than 2 million period products to date.



LOLA was born from a question: "What’s in our tampons?" Now, we’re inviting you to ask and answer new questions about reproductive health.

Join our movement

We’ve partnered with Period Equity to mobilize legal action and take a critical step in eliminating the tampon tax.


How we advocate

We believe period products should be affordable, safe, and accessible for everyone. That’s why we launched our groundbreaking advocacy campaign with Period Equity, the nation’s first law and policy organization devoted to fighting for menstrual equity.

Tax Free. Period. is a coordinated legal, advocacy, and engagement initiative to mobilize action and challenge the 35 states in the U.S. that currently have a sales tax on period products.


How we donate

Millions of low-income women in the U.S. are forced every month to choose between buying period products for themselves and other essentials for their families.

Every time you choose LOLA, you’re supporting a brand that gives back to women in need. To date, we’ve donated over 2 million period products through our charity partner, I Support the Girls.

We also raise awareness by hosting Period Packing Parties for the LOLA community, where we pack boxes of our products for donation. Interested in hosting one of your own? Email us at


How we educate

We built our LOLA community from the belief that we deserve to know exactly what we’re putting inside our bodies.

We started the conversation by putting our ingredients right on the box. Since then, we’ve continued that commitment by creating a breadth of educational content, online and in print; and by inviting our community into real-time conversations about their bodies.

Want to stay in the loop? Visit our blog, where we’ve got you covered on all things reproductive health and wellness.

Get involved

Ready to make an impact today? You can donate LOLA products directly to our partners at I Support The Girls.