First Period Kit


Every girl deserves to feel prepared for her first period. From our keepsake box filled with first period products made with 100% organic cotton to our free, downloadable e-book, LOLA’s personal, honest, real-life guide to your first period, we’ve got her covered.


What’s in the kit?

What’s in the guide?

We worked with leading pediatrician Dr. Lisa Stern to write a free, downloadable e-book that covers everything a girl needs to know about her first period. Our guide is full of honest, straightforward information, and features a Q&A addressing top questions collected from girls and their parents.

Ever wondered what’s in your feminine care?

Odds are you haven’t, and most brands don’t tell you. Don’t worry, we will: 100% organic cotton. That means no toxins, dyes, or synthetic additives.

Tiger Beat

“The kit is designed to make you feel prepared for your first period and educated about the changes your body will go through. How cool?”


“Lola recognized this significant step in a woman’s health, and in an effort to make it a little easier, launched the ultimate period introduction kit.”


“A product like this can empower future generations to feel more prepared and help end the stigma of menstruation.”

A Cup of Jo

“What I would have given to have had LOLA as a teenager!”