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Don't just change your pad.

Change your pad.

To the one that fits your body. Stays in place. Keeps you dry.
New and improved!

Pads by LOLA

Introducing the latest innovation in periods. We've redesigned our pads with an hourglass shape to actually fit your underwear for next-level comfort and leak protection. No more bunching, slipping, chafing. About time, right?

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Innovative hourglass shape

Shaped like you. Not like a rectangle. We’ve reimagined our pads to actually fit your underwear for less chafing and bunching, and extra-wide coverage where you need it.

Moisture-wicking topsheet

Our topsheet is made with a proprietary blend of 100% organic cotton that not only quickly absorbs fluid into the pad’s core, but also prevents it from resurfacing. So you stay drier longer.

Superior leak protection

Our innovative core is constructed in layers that leverage the natural properties of organic cotton to disperse fluid effortlessly, and efficiently, without the bulk.

Organic cotton core

Other “natural” brands use organic cotton in the topsheet only, with plastics tucked away inside, giving you that diaper-like feeling. We use 100% organic cotton, inside and out, for breathability you’ll love.

Frustration-free wings

We reshaped our wings so they stick better to your underwear (and not to themselves), giving you a secure fit and added protection. No bunching on the job, either.

Pads that stay put

We tested our adhesive on all kinds of underwear, from silky lingerie to our go-to period briefs. Spoiler alert: it always kept our pads in place.

“Same old” wasn’t good enough

For years, pads have basically been made in the same cookie-cutter way. The same rectangular shape. The same uncomfortable fit. And the same old problems: leaking, itching, bunching, chafing, wings slipping, and that dreaded diaper feeling.

The truth is, the “same old” is easier (and cheaper) for pad manufacturers, but never any better for you. So, we went back to the drawing board and reimagined our pads altogether, and built a machine to make them. Because, you deserve a pad that fits your underwear. Made of soft organic cotton. Not plastic. With wings that stay in place. A pad designed with better-for-you in mind.

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The perfect pad didn’t exist. So we built a machine to make it.

We kicked off our research and development phase by inviting women — both LOLA customers and those who wear other brand’s pads — to participate in focus groups, in-depth 1:1 interviews, home usage tests, and gynecologist safety-in-use tests. We dissected every pad on the market, dove into the latest absorbent hygiene research, created a new organic cotton supply chain, and brought feminine care machine-making and production back to the U.S.

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All in all, over 2,300 women, 5 mechanical engineers, 3 U.S. cotton farmers, and 2 natural materials specialists participated in our R&D process. Together, we created a revolutionary pad using 100% Texas-grown organic cotton, from topsheet to core, to solve problems women didn’t even realize they had with their old pads. Until now.

Our patent-pending, ergonomic design features an hourglass shape that actually fits your underwear to eliminate leak-prone bunching and that irritating inner-thigh chafe. All while our proprietary, multi-layer system of organic cotton works its natural magic to absorb and lock away moisture for breathable dryness. This is a pad that only people with periods could design.

We changed our pad. Now change yours.

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