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    • We hope you love your Trial Set! Next month, your tampon subscription will start. You’ll get a full box of our compact plastic applicator tampons (18 count for $10), delivered every 4 weeks. 

      By default, we’ll send you our most popular absorbency mix (4 light, 5 regular, 5 super, and 4 super+), but it’s easy to customize your assortment at any time.

      We’ll send you an email reminder to make any updates to your subscription before it starts. It’s easy to customize your assortment, add other LOLA products, pause your next delivery, or cancel your subscription altogether.

We skip the irritating additives and fragrance, in favor of natural ingredients that maintain balance and moisture.

Balancing act

Made with 100% organic cotton, our wipes are soaked in a purified water solution that’s specifically formulated to maintain a healthy vaginal pH — and keep you feeling fresh everywhere else.

Our cotton is locally grown in the USA, then safely cleaned with an oxygen-based solution. We skip the harsh chlorine bleach and risky chemicals, so you never have to worry about dryness or irritation.

In fact, our unique formulation goes one step further, working to replenish your skin’s natural moisture. Talk about the ultimate multi-tasker.