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Free shipping on orders $25+. Satisfaction guaranteed..

We think you deserve to know exactly what's inside your personal care products.

Featured ingredients

  • Organic aloe leaf juice
  • Xanthan gum
  • Agar
  • Lactic acid
  • Organic vanilla
  • Organic lemon

Made without

  • Parabens
  • Petrochemicals
  • Glycerin
  • Synthetic colorants
  • Synthetic flavor
  • Fragrance

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Can I use this lubricant while I'm trying to conceive?

Great question! We hear from a lot of our customers who wonder if LOLA products are “fertility-friendly.”

And the short answer is, yes, our water-based lubricant is safe to use while trying to conceive. Made without any spermicides or contraceptives, our lube is hypoallergenic, gynecologist-approved, and FDA 510(K) cleared.

That said, always consult your doctor before using any product while pregnant or trying to conceive.