The Period Classic

LOLA’s The Classic set includes our bestselling compact plastic applicator tampons and signature cleansing wipes. Choose your personalized assortment of tampons. Select a delivery frequency that fits your schedule.

What you get:

Compact plastic applicator tampons (18 count)

Made with 100% organic cotton. BPA-free plastic applicators. Available in Light, Regular, Super, and Super+.

Cleansing wipes (12 count)

Made with 100% bamboo soaked in purified water. Gynecologist approved to maintain a healthy vaginal pH balance.

#TryLOLA testimonials


“Suddenly, periods weren’t to be hidden, but celebrated.”


“LOLA guessed correctly that women want more transparent and safe options from modern brands.”


“The feminine hygiene space has always been a bit taboo, especially in mainstream media, but LOLA, the tampon subscription service, changed that.”


“You choose the breadth of your flow, how many boxes you want, and when you want them to ship, and poof! They deliver toxin-free tampons to your doorstep. It’s that easy.”