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  • Compact plastic applicator tampons

    $10/18 count

    Compact plastic applicator tampons

    Our #1 bestseller for a reason
  • Cardboard applicator tampons

    $8/18 count
  • Non-applicator tampons

    $9/18 count

    Non-applicator tampons

    Good things really do come in small packages
  • Pads with wings

    $9/12 count

    Pads with wings

    New, hourglass shape designed to fit your underwear
  • Ultra thin lubricated condoms

    $10/12 count (standard size)

    Ultra thin lubricated condoms

    For safe and satisfying sex
  • Cleansing wipes

    $10/12 count

    Cleansing wipes

    Gynecologist-approved for all of life's messy moments
  • Personal lubricant

    $13/50 mL ᐧ 1.7 FL OZ

    Personal lubricant

    Features a one-click pump so you never miss a beat
  • Ultra thin liners

    $9/28 count

    Ultra thin liners

    Slim, but never skimpy on leak protection
  • Daily multivitamin

    $18/30 tablets (1 month supply)

    Daily multivitamin

    Fights PMS symptoms before your period even starts